Zbigniew Brzezinski: Joblessness, income disparity and the potential for civil unrest

    Well, today we received further evidence that the economy is at stall speed as measured by tepid job creation and a uptick in the unemployment rate.  The Federal Reserve’s Ben Bernanke claimed a few months ago that his quantitative easing II (QEII) program was needed to spur employment, but as I said that the time,  that was a bald faced lie.  All the QE II program accomplished was yet another wealth transfer to the... Read More

Corporate Profits Were the Highest on Record Last Quarter

I’ve a couple of reactions to this.  First, these record profits have come under a supposedly socialist and wealth redistributionalist regime in the white house.  It appears that the only wealth that’s been redistributed is from the pockets of the people into the corporate coffers.  Much of these profits have come from workforce reductions and record low interest rates courtesy of the Federal Reserve.  It should be... Read More

Velma Hart: Exhausted to Unemployed

Velma Hart, the woman who questioned President Obama by stating she was exhausted defending him, lost her job recently.  She was out making the talk show rounds at CNBC and MSNBC today, so I suspect her unemployment will be short-lived.  She was the Chief Financial Officer of Am Vets, so I’m assuming she has an accounting background and accounting is one of the careers where there’s a shortage of experienced people like... Read More

Britain: Long-term jobless could face compulsory manual labour

Here’s an interesting snippet from across the pond regarding the long-term jobless in Britain.  It should be noted that Britain has some rather daunting economic challenges itself and conservative leaders over there have decided to take up the issue of the long term jobless supposedly taking advantage of the system either by not seeking a job or by getting jobless benefits while working on a job under the table. Of course, the real... Read More

Indiana arms unemployment office guards

Congress is set to determine whether there will be an unemployment extension next month as millions run out of benefits.  In a move that’s likely to be repeated nationwide, the state of Indiana has decided to put armed guards in all of its unemployment offices throughout the state and has stepped up training of employees to deal with the stressed out unemployed. Bookmark It Hide Sites $$('div.d2464').each( function(e)... Read More

Foreclosures: Killing middle class dreams

    An interesting video on the level of foreclosures in Riverside, California.  People are in some serious pain with crashes in jobs and real estate across the country.  It’s interesting that the number 1 person that the interviewee blames for this is Alan Greenspan, the former chair of the US Federal Reserve.  That analysis is 100% spot on.  Many of our economic problems can be traced to directly to the actions of... Read More

Looking for Work? If you're unemployed, don't apply

This is absolutely insane.  Who needs a job more than someone who doesn’t have one?  In a cruel twist of logic, some employers aren’t taking applications from the unemployed as a “culling” mechanism to manage the inundation of resumes and applications they receive for job openings.  The idea is that the best employees are those who are already employed, so if they eliminate the unemployed, managing the tsunami of applications they’re... Read More

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