David Frum: When did the GOP lose touch?

  I caught this interview from my blog’s NPR sidebar. Neocon and and former Bush speech writer David Frum lost his job at the American Enterprise Institute last year due to speaking out of turn during the healthcare debate and while the GOP was busy purging RINO’s and others who didn’t toe the T-Party line.  It looks like he’s at it again with this NPR interview where he openly questions the direction of the GOP.  I happen... Read More

2012 Republican Political Survival Total Ideological Immersion Suit

  A little levity here.  I ran across this on one of my friend’s facebook page and I just thought it was hilarious while also being a dead on description of the republican party’s behavior.   Bookmark It Hide Sites $$('div.d3375').each( function(e) { e.visualEffect('slide_up',{duration:0.5}) });  Read More

US Federal Reserve Under Fire

I have to make a begrudging acknowledgment here, but first an admission–I don’t care for the current crop of republicans. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, in particular, are the face of everything that’s wrong with American politics.   Now the begrudging part—I agree 100% with their criticism of the Federal Reserve’s recently announced money printing program and I support their position here.  It should be noted... Read More

House Republicans Vow “No Compromise”

Being reasonably aware is both a good and bad thing.   It’s a good thing on the one hand as it can prevent one from being deceived, but it’s a bad thing when you live in a country full of people who want to be lied to.  In the latter instance, the only thing you can really do is withdraw and operate on what you believe to be true knowing that those who are being deceived are like lambs going to the slaughter.  We’ve all... Read More

The Man of Steele: RNC Chairman Michael Steele

  Republican National Committee chairman, Michael Steele was the subject of an earlier post a couple of months ago.  At that time, I speculated that Steele was merely a token placeholder who was barely being tolerated by the far right wing of the party and that they had done a number of things to hem him in and dilute his power. He’s also been under serious fire here of  late.  What’s Steele guilty of ?  Well, for starters he’s gone on... Read More

Going after the New Black Panther Party

image Some folks like to drown in puddles or, as a fellow blogger friend of mine says, major in the minor.  I’m sure that most will recollect the incident in Philadelphia during the election last November where the two New Black Panther party members stood outside of a polling  place and were accused of voter intimidation.  Well it seems that some republicans are up in arms because attorney general Eric Holder has decided to dismiss... Read More

Obama and a racial divide

Interesting article from The Nation.  The author suggests that there’s evidence of a racial divide in opinions between blacks and whites when it comes to Obama.  The author feels that  African-Americans have rallied around Obama in the wake of the attacks against him from the right-wing and that this represents a splintering of the multi-racial coalition that carried him into office.  I don’t necessarily agree with that entirely even... Read More

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