Tiger Woods, mistress diversity and racism

I’ve refrained generally from commenting on the Tiger Woods controversy mainly because I’m indifferent and believe other stuff is far more important.   I wish him well, hope that he’s learned a lesson and hope he’s able to salvage his marriage, but I see this entire affair arising from self inflicted wounds.  No one made him carouse around with dozens of women.  So if he has a public relations nightmare and is losing serious money, he... Read More

Going after the New Black Panther Party

image Some folks like to drown in puddles or, as a fellow blogger friend of mine says, major in the minor.  I’m sure that most will recollect the incident in Philadelphia during the election last November where the two New Black Panther party members stood outside of a polling  place and were accused of voter intimidation.  Well it seems that some republicans are up in arms because attorney general Eric Holder has decided to dismiss... Read More

Obama and a racial divide

Interesting article from The Nation.  The author suggests that there’s evidence of a racial divide in opinions between blacks and whites when it comes to Obama.  The author feels that  African-Americans have rallied around Obama in the wake of the attacks against him from the right-wing and that this represents a splintering of the multi-racial coalition that carried him into office.  I don’t necessarily agree with that entirely even... Read More

Race in Not the Only Reason for Jump in Assassination Threats to Obama

This in from a blogger and commentator I’ve been following for the past few years, Earl Ofari Hutchinson http://earlofarihutchinson.blogspot.com/2009/08/race-is-not-only-reason-for-jump-in.html President Obama has gotten more death threats in a shorter period of time than any other president in US history. The legion of right side talk radio gabbers, the GOP induced professional mobsters who commit orchestrated mayhem at health care townhalls,... Read More

Gates 911 Caller Press Conference

After Obama has arranged for Gates and Crowley to have a Happy Hour at the White House, what else is there to discuss about this?  Well apparently, the 911 Caller has retained an attorney.  She appeared with her attorney earlier at a press conference and and nearly teared up on a few occasions during it.   I’m wondering if she’s preparing to sue someone.  Given the litigious nature of our society, the question is a valid one to... Read More

Easton PA Gang Murders

There have been a number of things occurring however, that are worthy of comment. The recent killings that occurred in Easton PA are on my mind. There are times when it is necessary to break silence and speak the truth. I subscribed to XM satellite radio during the past year and I often listen to various black talk radio shows on the Power 169. Often there are some engaging thought provoking discussions. During the past week, there was a discussion... Read More

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