Black Parents protest NAACP lawsuit against New York City Charter Schools

The New York State Conference of the NAACP has joined the teachers union in a lawsuit to halt the closure of 22 failing New York City schools and to prevent 17 New York City charter schools from opening, moving or expanding.  African-American parents of charter school students have responded by rallying against the NAACP’s involvement in the lawsuit.  The parents are highly upset at the NAACP’s actions while the NAACP’s justification... Read More

California NAACP calls marijuana legalization a civil rights issue

Prop 19 for marijuana legislation in California has created some rather strange bedfellows.  Believe it or not, the growers have lobbied against the legislation as prices are projected to plummet while Alice Huffman of the California state NAACP has come out in support of the legislation because it’s as a “civil rights” issue due to the high levels of arrests of young African-Americans for drug offenses. First, it should be noted that the... Read More

A misunderstood relationship: Shirley Sherrod, the dog whistle from the far right and 22 statistics that explain the demise of the American middle class.

A preface to this post: There are so many titles and directions this post could go in.  I’m almost tempted to title this post “The New Southern Strategy” or the ‘New Compromise of 1877” and talk about how historical events serve as the backdrop to what the far right is doing now in going after the administration and the NAACP.  While these topics would be interesting to explore, and I may do so later, I want to focus on the economics... Read More

Dueling Tea Party Factions?

In a previous post, I mentioned that I thought the far right was well organized with message control.  I’m going to have to back away from that statement and qualify it by saying that “some” of them are.  Based on what I’m reading, it appears that there are several factions of the Tea Party with each doing its own thing and apparently the Tea Party Federation , the group that supposedly kicked out  Mark Williams’ Tea Party Express, is... Read More

Tea Party’s Mark Williams defends “NAACP’s Letter to Lincoln”

There’s been a relentless attempt to goad African-Americans into an angry response on a number of fronts and the Tea Party’s Mark Williams’ satirical letter to Lincoln from the NAACP is the latest installment in this effort.  This bait that is being hung out there by far right wing should be ignored, but unfortunately the NAACP has blundered into a situation by grabbing it and the result was this letter and the interview below on CNN. The... Read More

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