The wages of tokenism: RNC Chair Mike Steele still under fire

I was just referring to a situation in another post where the job frequently “changes” once African-Americans ascend the throne.  It can certainly be argued that we see this with Obama and Michael Steele finds himself in a similar situation.    There’s been a lot of jockeying within the RNC to replace Steele even though the republicans enjoyed  broad successes in the mid-terms.  Under normal circumstances, the... Read More

Pat Buchanan: This campaign to censure and remove Steele is designed to censor debate and stifle dissent on Obama’s war policy, as long as Obama’s war policy closely tracks the agenda of the War Party.

The moon must be blue as I find myself in agreement with Pat Buchanan twice within the same week.  I’ll spare the reader what I think of Buchanan as I’ve stated in previous posts my issues with him.  I do find myself in agreement with Buchanan on a few issues and find that he occasionally provides food for thought. I really thought Steele’s latest gaffe was much ado about nothing and certainly nothing for him to resign over. A number of people... Read More

One down and one more to go

image I’m not trying to beat up on the republican party here as there’s enough craziness occurring across the political spectrum, but it looks like former Bush speechwriter and neocon, David Frum encountered his own Waterloo after writing about the republican party’s Waterloo in the aftermath of their defeat on the healthcare legislation.  The American Enterprise Institute effectively fired Frum three days after his editorial was published... Read More

The Man of Steele: RNC Chairman Michael Steele

  Republican National Committee chairman, Michael Steele was the subject of an earlier post a couple of months ago.  At that time, I speculated that Steele was merely a token placeholder who was barely being tolerated by the far right wing of the party and that they had done a number of things to hem him in and dilute his power. He’s also been under serious fire here of  late.  What’s Steele guilty of ?  Well, for starters he’s gone on... Read More

Is Michael Steele (African-American chair of RNC) a token placeholder?

The Republican party is struggling to remake itself after stinging losses in the last two election cycles.  The divisive southern strategy the party has used in national contests now sits in tatters in the aftermath of Obama’s changing of the electoral map.   The real challenge within the Republican party is the battle between  moderates and conservative ideologues represented by the religious right and people like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck... Read More

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