Racism Chasing: The Business of Discrimination (or how Black Folks get “played”)

Racism chasing is not a term I came  up with. I first ran across the term on a blog authored by  a brother out of Atlanta who goes by the handle Constructive Feedback.  His blog is named Politics, Policy, Pathology and Hope WITHIN The Black Community. Constructive Feedback defines “racism chasing” as the proclivity of some African-Americans to see our problems as being strictly related to racism. This results in our strategies and initiatives... Read More

Obama fires back: Responds to African-American Critics

image Over the past few weeks, Obama has come under intense fire from prominent African Americans ranging from Cornel West to Danny Glover, Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus.  The basic complaint is that Obama has ignored the plight of African-Americans and some think that some special dispensation needs to be given as a salve on the wound from the Great Recession.  The general idea is that Obama ascended to the presidency on the... Read More

Asian students accuse black students of racism at South Philadelphia High School

A story out of Philadelphia.  Asian students at South Philadelphia High have got the school board under pressure to do something about violence after being set upon by African-American students.  They’re currently boycotting by not attending classes until the board can assure their safety.  Apparently they’ve had to contend with racial epithets and attacks on their persons by unruly thugs. There comes a time when we as African-Americans... Read More

Joe Jackson-Public Relations Nightmare

  Sometimes there are things that we really need to speak about with regard to how we ought to handle things. Often, current events can provide a ready classroom for study and analysis.  Such is the case with what appears to be an unfolding fiasco revolving around the death of singer Michael Jackson.   First, we all realize that Michael took a serious hit on his reputation here in the US in the wake of his molestation trial.  Even though he was... Read More

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