US Federal Reserve Under Fire

I have to make a begrudging acknowledgment here, but first an admission–I don’t care for the current crop of republicans. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, in particular, are the face of everything that’s wrong with American politics.   Now the begrudging part—I agree 100% with their criticism of the Federal Reserve’s recently announced money printing program and I support their position here.  It should be noted... Read More

The reason why Obama might be a one-term president

I’ve got a really simple question to ask you.  If you had a choice, would you want to see the prices of things going up or going down? I suspect that if we could put that question to the public at large, most folks would vote overwhelmingly for prices to go down.  It’s not as if they’re being particularly greedy or selfish in that desire.  It has more to do with the reality that there are many people who are beleaguered with... Read More

The Real Story Behind the Great Recession: Debt

  A Zimbabwean man carrying money to purchase something.  The annual rate of inflation in Zimbabwe is 100,000%  Above all else, the level of debt is the biggest problem behind the economic malaise we find ourselves in.  The debt problems are everywhere—mortgages, government debt, credit cards, auto loans and etc.  The basic problem is that there’s way too much of it and much of it won’t be paid back owing mainly to less income for individuals,... Read More

Warren Buffet sounds the alarm

This in from famed investor Warren Buffet.  One of the effects of all the Federal Reserve’s money printing is the threat to the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency (i.e. the main currency used to transact international tade).  Our nation effectively exports its inflation as there are many nations that need to hold dollars for transactional purposes such as to buying oil, which trades in dollars.    If this were to change, all... Read More

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