A Personal Experience: A Taste of Entrepreneurship

This year marks my 25th year anniversary in business running my certified public accounting firm.  I started the firm as a relatively young man of 29 who decided to make a break from the corporate environs.  I absolutely detested everything about those environs and would have driven myself nuts had I stayed, so in part, my business was born out of a highly negative emotional response I had to corporate America.  I’m not so sure that I feel any... Read More

The necessity of financial freedom for african-americans

I find myself  often not in agreement with Dr. Boyce Watkins on a few issues, but this is an excellent  op-ed  authored by him.  It  is 100% spot on in terms of how African-Americans need to be thinking with respect to financial independence.     Dr. Watkin’s op-ed focuses on African-Americans as individuals achieving financial independence, but our thoughts really need to go deeper than that and consider the financial independence... Read More

Economy Creates Accidental Entrepreneurs

Interesting article from the New York Times regarding how the jobless situation is forcing people to open their own businesses.  As a practicing CPA, this is something I see quite frequently and this has been the trend even prior to the crisis.  I’ve seen a number of people who’ve turned to entrepreneurship just because they’re just tired of the corporate grind.  The main challenge many of these folks face is the fact that much... Read More

Getting Your Own Stuff

I’m writing for a few reasons.  First, I enjoy it.  I imagine a painter feels as I do when I write in the sense that he expresses his creativity through his art.  My creativity comes out as I paint my thoughts by writing.  Just like the artist, there’s a certain satisfaction that’s felt as one sits back and looks at the finished product. Secondly, I’ve a few things on my mind.   I’m big on having my own stuff mainly... Read More

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