David Frum: When did the GOP lose touch?

  I caught this interview from my blog’s NPR sidebar. Neocon and and former Bush speech writer David Frum lost his job at the American Enterprise Institute last year due to speaking out of turn during the healthcare debate and while the GOP was busy purging RINO’s and others who didn’t toe the T-Party line.  It looks like he’s at it again with this NPR interview where he openly questions the direction of the GOP.  I happen... Read More

One down and one more to go

image I’m not trying to beat up on the republican party here as there’s enough craziness occurring across the political spectrum, but it looks like former Bush speechwriter and neocon, David Frum encountered his own Waterloo after writing about the republican party’s Waterloo in the aftermath of their defeat on the healthcare legislation.  The American Enterprise Institute effectively fired Frum three days after his editorial was published... Read More

Healthcare Reform: Republican Party's Waterloo?

  I’ve been pretty busy here of late and haven’t been able to post as much as I’d like.  I’ve felt for sometime that the republican party has allowed itself to be taken over by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, neocons and assorted others to their ultimate detriment.  Here’s an assessment of the republican party from David Frum, former economic speechwriter for George W. Bush on what the passage of the healthcare legislation may... Read More

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