The crisis affecting black boys and men

The New York Times’ Bob Herbert had an op-ed out recently about the crisis affecting black males.  Herbert offers the litany of statistics that all of us are already too familiar with.  This is not necessarily a crisis of black men alone, but of black people in general. The picture above is of two young children, a boy and a girl, age 14  and 17, respectively who killed an 87 year old World War II vet in Philly last week while robbing... Read More

Martial Law declared in Chester PA after 2 year old gets shot

This is totally insane.  Crime and mayhem has gotten so out of control in Chester PA that the mayor has implemented martial law and a curfew. A similar call was made in Harrisburg PA by the NAACP about a year ago, but not acted upon.  Both of these are small cities with populations of under 50,000 people.  I expect that this will start to become more frequent as time goes on.  Highly disturbing.  The mayor is doing what he needs to do. The thing... Read More

A Case Study: Measuring the results-The Jena 6 Case

  blank[1] blank[1] My objective here is not to be an iconoclast, but sometimes advances in knowledge can only come when one discards those things that aren’t effective at addressing those things of direct relevance to real issues.  In the African-American community, there are a host of issues that are so pernicious that we really don’t have time and resources to devote to things not directly relevant to addressing them.  Back when I was in... Read More

Asian students accuse black students of racism at South Philadelphia High School

A story out of Philadelphia.  Asian students at South Philadelphia High have got the school board under pressure to do something about violence after being set upon by African-American students.  They’re currently boycotting by not attending classes until the board can assure their safety.  Apparently they’ve had to contend with racial epithets and attacks on their persons by unruly thugs. There comes a time when we as African-Americans... Read More

Spending 90% of the effort on 10% of the problem

Suppose you have a choice between resolving two health problems; one is a bee sting  that requires some ointment while the other is a heart problem that requires a bypass operation.  Which would you spend the majority of your time resolving and putting your attention on–the bee sting that’s uncomfortable or the heart bypass operation that would save your life?  Given the choices, most reasonable people would resolve the heart bypass... Read More

Followup: Newark NJ Citizen Patrols

This is a worthy of a repeat blog entry.  Mayor Cory Booker of Newark has organized citizen night patrols to help fight crime.  I just think this is great and a real example of the type of leadership we need in our urban areas.   I don’t know how effective this has been in actually reducing crime as this is new, but this really is the type of thing that needs to be done to engage the citizens in the effort to take back their communities. ... Read More

Removing A Cultural Chasm by Legalizing Drugs?

Here’s an op-ed from a local columnist (Paul Carpenter) about the chasm that exists between inner city and suburban youth.   Mr. Carpenter draws our attention to the fact that choices available to either group are disparate; joining gangs is a choice for inner city youth while joining the boy scouts is a choice for suburban youth.  He correctly points out that much of the gang culture is fueled by illegal drugs and suggests that the solution... Read More

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