West vs. Obama

I’ve been on a bit of hiatus from my blog, in part due to work and in part to just taking a bit of a break.  I rarely run out of things to say, but sometimes one has to do more listening and reading than “saying” and I find that’s good to do exclusively on occasion to gain some perspective. It looks like we’ve got a fight brewing between the president and  Princeton professor Cornell West over Obama’s credentials as a black... Read More

Cornel West: Response to Obama’s State of the Union Speech

Hat tip to The Intersection of Madness & Reality for this video find.  Cornel West responds to Obama’s state of the union speech and focuses on Obama’s accommodation of Wall Street interests.   Bookmark It Hide Sites $$('div.d1285').each( function(e) { e.visualEffect('slide_up',{duration:0.5}) });  Read More

Obama fires back: Responds to African-American Critics

image Over the past few weeks, Obama has come under intense fire from prominent African Americans ranging from Cornel West to Danny Glover, Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus.  The basic complaint is that Obama has ignored the plight of African-Americans and some think that some special dispensation needs to be given as a salve on the wound from the Great Recession.  The general idea is that Obama ascended to the presidency on the... Read More

Cornel West: Obama is for big business not the jobless

Well, it looks like some prominent African-Americans are taking the gloves off and starting to go after Obama as they should.  To be fair, Obama was somewhat hemmed in by certain things put in place by his predecessor such as the  $ 700 billion  Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to bail out Wall Street, but there really has been no movement to put much of anything in place to help the people as jobs continue hemorrhaging and home foreclosures... Read More

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