44 Percent of the Congress are Millionaires

  With 44% of congress being millionaires, that place is more like a country club than a legislature. I don’t begrudge anyone having money as long as the gains aren’t ill gotten, but it’s really something of note when those who represent the people don’t actually come from the people.  Sure, we vote for them, but modern elections are like a house party put together by someone else who then sends you an invite.  In effect,... Read More

Gallup Poll on Confidence in US Institutions: Is the country becoming ungovernable?

POLL -US INSTITUTIONS An amazing poll from Gallup yesterday on the confidence of citizens in US institutions.  For the most part it appears that people have just lost faith in many of the institutions of daily life that are supposed to impact their lives positively.  There’s a new low in confidence for congress and most pundits say this presages a big change in November.  Perhaps it does, but I doubt that any change between the two parties will... Read More

A picture is worth a thousand words

image The older I get, the more quickly it seems the years clip by.  It seems like it was only yesterday when year 2000 arrived, but a decade has gone by and everyone is taking a look back over the ground that’s been traversed.  The Gallup organization has done the same with its polling and has identified some key trends that have emerged from the decade as we come to a close.  I think these trends may presage a dramatic change in the political... Read More

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