A WWF Smackdown: The “Historic” Budget Deal

I watched the budget battle this past week with keen interest as I wanted to see if there was anyone who’d step up to the plate and speak the truth about our nation’s fiscal woes.  Well, once again, I’m disappointed and rather than getting a true distillation of the issues the nation faces fiscally, we got entertained with a political play instead.  On one side, you’ve got a group crowing about saving Planned Parenthood from the knife... Read More

A New Radio Show: The Tea Party and various other fictions

I’ve been thinking about adding a verbal edition to my written blog, but hadn’t gotten around to it until this weekend.  My intention was to record the following show merely as a test, but since it didn’t come out too badly, I’d thought I’d proceed with publishing it.  This initial show just includes me and the topic is an overall review of current political trends with a focus on the tea party.  As I move forward, I’ll... Read More

Obama's Budget Proposal

President Barack Obama speaks at the GOP House Issues Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, January 29, 2010. REUTERS/Larry Downing Now here comes the challenging part.  No, I’m not talking about the challenges around Obama’s budget, but about the challenge of keeping this blogging hobby of mine up while going into tax season.  This ought to be interesting. Of course, my personal challenges pale beside the challenges of our nation as reflected... Read More

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