Texas Governor Rick Perry wants to lynch Ben Bernanke

    In typical over the top T-Party fashion, T-Party favorite and republican presidential candidate, Rick Perry, made a thinly veiled threat on Ben Benanke’s life today accusing him of treason if he tried to print anymore money between now and the election.  Typically, a loose monetary policy by the Fed during an election year is perceived to help the incumbent administration by spurring economic activity and Perry’s contention is... Read More

The US Federal Reserve: Robbing the citizens of the world blind

A Thief   I love shrimp and like to buy it in large packages.  I hadn’t purchased any for awhile and went into the store yesterday thinking I’d pick up a bag and was shocked.  The package that I used to buy had nearly doubled in price.  Of course, I don’t need to tell you what’s happening with gas prices, which seem to be going up by a $0.15- $0.20 a week.  Shrimp is not the only food going up in price either, there’s... Read More

US Federal Reserve Under Fire

I have to make a begrudging acknowledgment here, but first an admission–I don’t care for the current crop of republicans. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, in particular, are the face of everything that’s wrong with American politics.   Now the begrudging part—I agree 100% with their criticism of the Federal Reserve’s recently announced money printing program and I support their position here.  It should be noted... Read More

The reason why Obama might be a one-term president

I’ve got a really simple question to ask you.  If you had a choice, would you want to see the prices of things going up or going down? I suspect that if we could put that question to the public at large, most folks would vote overwhelmingly for prices to go down.  It’s not as if they’re being particularly greedy or selfish in that desire.  It has more to do with the reality that there are many people who are beleaguered with... Read More

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