Can everyone do a Brexit?

Article 50 Britain’s exit from the European Union is a reflection of several things; joblessness caused by”free trade”, a rejection of the push for austerity to save the banks and a tide of anti-immigrant sentiment.  The latter is much easier to latch onto for blame as it is here in the US.   No one gives much thought to the fact that economic policies pushing cheap labor to drive profits is the reason for immigration.  In... Read More

Reading the Tea Leaves: A Hard Rain and Trouble Seen Ahead (Possible Economic Collapse)

  Richard Russell is a well respected publisher of an investment newsletter known as the Dow Theory Letters which cover domestic and foreign securities and commodities markets.  He’s one of these guys who everyone in the investment industry listens to and he let loose with some commentary today that has made a number of people stop and listen.  Anyone who follows the markets closely generally views them as a discounting mechanism... Read More

Coordinated warning to Obama from African Americans

An op-ed from Dwayne Wickham, a noted African-American columnist.  He’s reporting  on the Congressional Black Caucus’ anger at perceived slights from Obama.  The CBC recently boycotted some legislation to force some spending initiatives for neighborhoods and the unemployed in the districts they represent.  Several prominent African-Americans across the board are going after Obama in a coordinated fashion with the same talking points. They’re... Read More

It's Time to Get Help

An excellent op-ed by the New York Times’ Bob Herbert.  He’s spot on in his analysis of the GOP being the “party of no” and the  biggest challenges the nation faces–rising unemployment and the fiscal deficits.  I tend to agree with him that these issues require urgent attention, but there’s little that can be done to help the unemployed that does not involve us taking on additional debt.  However, given the... Read More

The Next Big Bailout?

This in from one of my favorite financial soothsayers. This guy has been spot on in predicting the financial crisis that has engulfed our nation. Here’s what he has to say about social security. Social Security crunch coming fast Here’s a frightening prediction: The public pension system’s trust fund could go into the red in the next year, far sooner than expected. Will it get the next huge bailout? By Bill Fleckenstein The debate... Read More

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