Hot dogging it and making money!

I’m a long time entrepreneur and most of us in small business spend time thinking about ways to make money.  For me that sort of mindset makes me very observant when it comes to business and watching what other people are doing.  One thing I’ve come to learn that what you do to make money doesn’t have to be glamorous and fancy or even particularly big, although with success it may wind up that way.  More often than not, it’s... Read More

Newt Gingrich on Black Business

Robert Sengstacke Abbott--Publisher of the Chicago Defender     The republican candidates had much to say about African-Americans during the recent South Carolina primary.   Here an excerpt from a 1993 speech that Newt Gingrich made regarding African-Americans and business that’s causing some outcry: For poor minorities, entrepreneurship in small business is the key to future wealth. This is understood thoroughly by most of... Read More

A Black History Moment: Alonzo F. Herndon and the founding of Atlanta Life Insurance Company

  As founder and first president of Atlanta Life Insurance Company, Alonzo Herndon displayed a leadership   Alonzo F. Herndon   I seek a historical model or an example of black business and achievement to share.  I’m particularly focused on black business because I believe that business formation and economic development are the keys for the development of the African-American community.  This is the reason behind the series of posts here... Read More

Black History Moment: Archie A. Alexander

     Archie A. Alexander (May 14, 1888-January 4, 1958) Consulting Engineer: Alexander & Higbee, A.A. Alexander, Inc. and Alexander & Repass; governor of the Virgin Islands of the United States.   I like to focus on different aspects of black history when recounting historical events.  Normally, any discussion of black history is replete with those who mounted the call for social progress and equality. I certainly don’t have a problem... Read More

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