Did Micah Johnson have special forces skills?

Micah Johnson
Micah Johnson

According to press accounts, Micah Johnson is a former army reservist who was a carpentry and masonry specialist which has nothing at all to do with tactical weapons training and usage.  It’s clear that he acquired those skills somewhere and  according to the Chicago Tribune, he acquired those skills from an outfit known as the Academy of Combative Warrior Arts.  It wasn’t clear how long he attended there or how extensive his training was, however, that training would have been far more extensive than anything the police would have had to undergo given the number of police he killed and wounded.  Here’s a description of the Tactical Applications Program class he took from ACWA’s website:

What if I am new to all this?
No prior experience is necessary, but even if you have experience, you will get some great practical trigger time in. After all its the fundamentals you NEED to train so you have the skills to do what you WANT to train.

What is a normal class like?
Once a month, every month we will book a 2 hour session for the group and go over a variety of topics and drills that will allow you to gain and hone your ability with a firearm in a real world situation.

So after a few two hour monthly sessions, Johnson has the same sorts of skills as if he had gone to special forces training. Let’s keep in mind that getting that sort of training in the service tends to be highly selective and I don’t think comparing his skills to special forces is a stretch. Again, he’s supposed to have killed five and wounded seven armed police officers all by himself.  Is there something missing from this story? I think so.

As to his supposed black radical leanings, the picture I’ve included above is the one that’s been blasted throughout the mainstream media.  It’s one from central casting as far as a black radical is concerned with the raised fist and dashiki.  It reeks of caricature and one that’s far too convenient.  Assuming someone was inclined to do this, would they really have to be a prototypical “black radical”?

Obviously, I’m skeptical and for good reason.



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