Conservative columnist defends Obama


I have my issues with Obama, however that doesn’t extend to literally everything that he’s done.  I detest the empty accusations around him being a socialist and a spendthrift.  These accusations are part of the left/right paradigm that’s superimposed on literally everything and are not only off the mark, but the fact that they’re bantered in the press so much means that the real issues with Obama and the politics in the country in general can’t even be discussed.  One of most ridiculous accusations is this whole idea that he’s been a spendthrift and has led the economy to ruin; two contentions that have absolutely basis in fact, yet the real serious threats to our liberty that are fact based, such as the National Defense Authorization Act and the on-going war in Iran, are valid criticisms but both parties tacitly agree on these, so we have no debate just silence. 

Conservative columnist Andrew Sullivan does an excellent job breaking the left/right vice on Obama’s economic policies in a debate with Bay Buchanan. 



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    “Compared to Bush, this guy’s a fiscal conservative.”  Andrew Sullivan 

    The Republican strategy from day one was counterintuitive–subject Obama to the six O’s, obstruct,  obfuscate, oppose, object, objurgate, and offend–especially after Obama beat McCain rather handily, and entered office with a sizable public mandate. 

    And so far, it’s worked. 

    I can speculate as to why, but I believe that a large part of Republicans’ success rests with a flaw in human nature–a human propensity for embracing the negative, explaining why running negative campaign ads worked so well for Mitt Romney against New Gingrich, the running of which was so much salt on Newt’s tail feathers, arresting his sudden rise in the polls, and contributing to his lukewarm showing in the Iowa Caucus–Newt Gingrich 16,163/13.3%. 

    Andrew Sullivan, to his credit, isn’t capitulating to right-wing criticisms of Obama–going along to get along–resisting the Republican party’s avowed position that Obama’s economic policies have been a colossal failure, and that he’s the “worst president this nation’s ever seen,” which, on its face, is hyperbolic nonsense.

    Sullivan is conducting an unbiased analysis of Obama’s record. Has it been a perfect one? Certainly not, no more so than Bush the elder’s and Bush the younger’s records. 

    As a conservative columnist, Sullivan is cognizant of the risk he’s taking, keenly aware that his position will be repudiated by the hardcore right as nothing short of heresy, his motives questioned, and his character besmirched for giving Obama credit for anything, as Republicans often portray Obama as the epitome of evil–as are all liberals–and as the Antichrist, or in league with him.

    Born in England, and, as far as I can tell, not an American citizen (and not eligible to vote), he’s thrown his support behind Democrats and Republicans, namely Barack Obama, Ron Paul and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

    Were he a Republican, his break with Republican catechism regarding the treatment of President Obama would have meant breaking the Republican party’s 11th commandment: Republicans shall not say anything good about the black man in the White House.

    I say: Render to Bush that which belongs to Bush, and to Obama that which belongs to Obama.

    • >>>Render to Bush that which belongs to Bush and to Obama that which belongs to Obama<<<

      A position that makes too much sense and because of that, we won't see our political discourse really reflect any of that.  I'm disgusted by all of this as the effect is to create a web of lies around the political discourse in the country and that's a real disservice to the nation.  The things that need to be rendered to Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan and others  are simply forced out of the discussion.  In place of that, we get nonsense.  The result is that people vote and policy is formed on nonsense and as I say above, the real problems with the administration and the nation can't be discussed.    I'm totally convinced that all of the extreme partisanship is manufactured to achieve this end and a compliant press is a necessary part of the delusion in that it grants legitimacy to what should otherwise be dismissed while it dismisses that which is truly important. 

      • Anonymous

        “I’m totally convinced that all of the extreme partisanship is manufactured
        to achieve this end and a compliant press is a necessary part of the delusion in that it grants legitimacy to what should otherwise be dismissed while it dismisses that which is truly important.”

        You’re right. Where was the media on Friday, when several courts were occupied in protest of the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision on its
        second anniversary. Keith Olbermann covered it, but I saw nothing mentioned on
        MSNBC or CNN.

        Perhaps it was mentioned, and I didn’t see it.

        • I know it wasn’t covered in the written press here on the web or if it was, it wasn’t certainly wasn’t  highlighted

          I stopped watching consistently TV about 10 years ago.  I only watch it if I happen to be in a waiting room somewhere or over someone’s house.  The main reason for that was the abundance of propaganda and the lack of news.   I’ve not missed it and when I do catch it, I find absolutely nothing has changed from 10 years ago


  • LTE

    I see little value in this debate.

    • I think this debate is a reminder of the reality of how we got in this mess.  To be sure, Obama hasn’t been perfect, but the economic and fiscal conditions the country has encountered aren’t his fault notwithstanding the efforts of folks like Bay Buchanan to project an alternative universe. 

      I know you guys hate folks like Sullivan and Frum  don’t you 🙂 ? 

      • LTE

        Brookes, Frum and others are the Democrats best friends. The above debate is sound bite economics or they are only a few pixels of the greater picture. These 5 minutes debates are bread and circuses, not a study of the chain of events that lead up to 2008 or the solutions to 2008.

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