USA Senator Suggests Major Attack On Iran – Lindsey Graham

If you had any questions about the direction of the new congress, then the video below should resolve most of them.  It should be noted that the difference between the hard line being taken by republican Lindsay Graham and the position of democratic senator Mark Udall is so small as to not really amount to much.  It’s almost like these two are playing good cop and bad cop with Iran.  Ultimately both want war.  Ultimately both are insane especially when you stop and consider what’s occurring in Afghanistan and the cost it’s extracting both in blood and money.  To even think about engaging in another war on top on one we can’t win now while another serious financial crisis is about to break loose at home is not only the height of  insanity, but goes against the very interests of the people of this nation.

Let’s put this in its proper context.  This is not about Iran’s nuclear weapons any more than invading Iraq was about its weapons of mass destruction.  This is another resource war that’s being proposed.   There’s a supply problem with oil or what’s better known as peak oil which is behind this drive to war.   This is a phenomenon where oil production starts to go into decline as fields are depleted and new discoveries are insufficient to replace the rate of depletion.   (This is why there’s so much drilling in hard to get at places like the gulf of Mexico). Recently, the International Energy Agency went out on a limb and predicted that we’ll reach peak oil production sometime around 2020 and then move into a permanent decline.   There are many people who believe that we’ll reach a peak oil situation within the next five years.  This will mean high oil prices at first and then rationing.  Ultimately, it means that only a select few will have access to oil (i.e. the military, corporations and etc.) and just as in the case of the financial resources, we’ve also got a group that’s looking to make off with the world’s commodities as well.  So when Graham speaks of not “having a lot of time”, that’s a reference to the supply problem rather than Iran’s supposed imminent use of nuclear weapons.

  • Diaspora Black

    When will the madness end? Bush gave several reasons for going to war with Iraq, one more asinine than the other, and progressive–playing first on our fears, and then on our devotion to individual liberty. But all of it was a lie.

    Here’s what I know: If attacked, the Iranian people will never forgive us. It doesn’t matter if they agree with their government stance, or the government at all. If we attack Iran, we will create yet another problem for ourselves at home–terrorist attacks, and the threat of attacks, that will last for a hundred years or more.

    And it’s not necessary: Iran knows that if it nukes Israel, their destruction would be assured. It would be a mutual-destruction move on their part.

    These hawks know that, too. You’re right about their motives.

    • “And it’s not necessary: Iran knows that if it nukes Israel, their destruction would be assured. It would be a mutual-destruction move on their part. ”

      Exactly and this observation tears a hole into the supposed Iranian “threat”.

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