Did Micah Johnson have special forces skills?

Micah Johnson According to press accounts, Micah Johnson is a former army reservist who was a carpentry and masonry specialist which has nothing at all to do with tactical weapons training and usage.  It’s clear that he acquired those skills somewhere and  according to the Chicago Tribune, he acquired those skills from an outfit known as the Academy of Combative Warrior... Read More

Can everyone do a Brexit?

Article 50 Britain’s exit from the European Union is a reflection of several things; joblessness caused by”free trade”, a rejection of the push for austerity to save the banks and a tide of anti-immigrant sentiment.  The latter is much easier to latch onto for blame as it is here in the US.   No one gives much thought to the fact that economic policies pushing... Read More

A Coming Police State?

The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution used to bar illegal search and seizure by the police under what’s commonly referred to as the Exclusionary Rule; which meant that any evidence of law breaking was tainted and inadmissible in court if the search wasn’t legal under the requirement of “reasonable suspicion” which was formerly required for investigatory... Read More

The American Political System: The Mistrust Problem

    It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything here.  In part, my absence was due to just being busy with work, but that’s not the only reason.  Sometimes, I just need to stop and just soak in what others are writing, so I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading during my hiatus and that was what I was doing today when I ran across a piece... Read More

Newt Gingrich on Black Business

Robert Sengstacke Abbott--Publisher of the Chicago Defender     The republican candidates had much to say about African-Americans during the recent South Carolina primary.   Here an excerpt from a 1993 speech that Newt Gingrich made regarding African-Americans and business that’s causing some outcry: For poor minorities, entrepreneurship in small business... Read More

Why Romney has a problem

  I now understand why Romney got shellacked in South Carolina while complaining that Gingrich is playing the class warfare card.  Take a look at the clip below.  It’s about a half hour long and gets into his activities at hedge fund Bain Capital.  It pretty much destroys the narrative he’s attempted to create around the fact that he’s been a job creator. As... Read More

Is provoking wars an American tradition?

The USS Maine It seems to me that there’s an accepted narrative when it comes to history and current events that involve our nation. The theme that cuts across both is the idea that we’ve only entered wars for noble causes like the defense of freedom or to promote democracy.  These are vague and innocuous phrases that reduce the reasons for going to war into simple terms that... Read More

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