Hot dogging it and making money!

I’m a long time entrepreneur and most of us in small business spend time thinking about ways to make money.  For me that sort of mindset makes me very observant when it comes to business and watching what other people are doing.  One thing I’ve come to learn that what you do to make money doesn’t have to be glamorous and fancy or even particularly big, although... Read More

Can everyone do a Brexit?

Article 50 Britain’s exit from the European Union is a reflection of several things; joblessness caused by”free trade”, a rejection of the push for austerity to save the banks and a tide of anti-immigrant sentiment.  The latter is much easier to latch onto for blame as it is here in the US.   No one gives much thought to the fact that economic policies pushing... Read More

A Coming Police State?

The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution used to bar illegal search and seizure by the police under what’s commonly referred to as the Exclusionary Rule; which meant that any evidence of law breaking was tainted and inadmissible in court if the search wasn’t legal under the requirement of “reasonable suspicion” which was formerly required for investigatory... Read More

US Government seizes 307 domains in the defense of the NFL

  This falls into the category of the sort of news  that’s significant, but is relegated to the back pages, while the diversionary infotainment that informs you of nothing is in the headlines.  Here’s the story:   While many sports fans are preparing for Sunday’s Super Bowl by organizing parties and shopping for TVs, the U.S. government is preparing in... Read More

Occupy Wall Street, liberating housing and my credit union switch experience

I’m watching the OWS movement very closely.  Initially, I thought they’d get co-opted by political elements with the intent of turning their voices into an election campaign, but that doesn’t appear to be occurring at all.  Instead, this seems to be a movement aligned with the interest of the people, although the press is doing its level best to paint them as... Read More

Chris Hedges: This is what revolution looks like

  The last couple of days have seen OWS demonstrations routed in New York and Oakland. I rarely just rerun someone else’s essay, but this is one of those occasions.  I’ve really nothing to add to this brilliant piece by Chris Hedges.  Enjoy.   Welcome to the revolution. Our elites have exposed their hand. They have nothing to offer. They can destroy but... Read More

Do Americans really want to work (or why immigrants are needed)?

  This article from the New York times begins with this question—how can there be a labor shortage when nearly one out of every 11 people is unemployed? From all accounts I’m reading, employers running ads are swamped with resumes and inquiries and one would think that any honest job would get the same response and upon being fortunate to land one, someone wouldn’t... Read More

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